Preparation of Pathological Tissue Specimens

We Amanecer Corp. have taken orders of varied and high-quality pathological tissues specimen preparation for accepting customers request in department of sample preparation expert.


  • Various types of special stains and immunostains

Currently, we Amanecer deal with 25 special stains and 25 immunostains. Also we are able to carry out stains and antibodies not including our list, so please conduct with us. Find out our list of special stains and immunostains.
list of special stains and immunostains (Japanese only)


  • Only processes you need

There are various processes in sample preparation. “We can do paraffin embedding, but we have no confidence to slice it.” “It’s expensive to order all processes because there are some processes we can…” We Amanecer set up price each process part for answering these customer’s voice. Find out the page of product introduction.
product introduction (Japanese only)