Virtual Slide

We Amanecer Corp. have taken orders “Virtual slide service” . We make your slides into digital date.

  • Free sample-DVD

We are starting to provide free-sample-DVD which shows how to use virtual slide system. You can try it on your computer (Over Windows XP SP.).
Find out the page of introducing free-sample.
free-sample (Japanese only)


  • Multilayer scan service by smear-preparing

CYsampleimagegiemsaljpgAdding to scanning single layer by tissue specimen, we are starting a new multilayer scanning of cytodiagnosis-smear-preparing.

You can observe cell in more detail and more three-dimensional. It is because we scan thick clumps of all cells dividing many layers. There is more information than single layer, so you may worry about the volume of scanning data. But we can locate and scan only one spot you need. Then you can reduce the volume of scanning data if you want.

Find out the page of product introduction.

Product introduction  Feature of multilayer scan by smear-preparing(introducing cytodiagnosis specimen)(Japanese only)


  • Amanecer’s Virtual Slide

We Amanecer keep customer’s date of virtual slide. It is provided by cloud service so you can use it every time everywhere.